My love for water and the depths came long before my love for the internet did. Somewhere around the early 90’s a good friend had introduced me to shallow water snorkeling.

Being the adventurous type that I am, it didn’t take long before I was completely immersed into it. (Immersed, get it?).

Tuna Snorkeling in the Mediterranean (2005)

He taught me pretty much everything he knew but honestly, that wasn’t much. I soon realized that most of the underwater wisdom comes from experience.

So this is the primary reason I started this blog. I want to put my experience to good use and help you choose the best equipment and gear possible when you go on your underwater adventures!

Since snorkeling is my primary hobby (the others are spearfishing, scuba diving, freediving, kayaking ..) I feel most comfortable giving advice in this area. In order to keep my readers entertained, I will, however  be bringing some of my friends from time to time that are more experienced in other water sports to bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Stay Safe

Tim B

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