Best Snorkeling Sets Reviews (Children & Beginners included)

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities among most ocean lovers. It has become so popular that increasingly larger number of people automatically think of snorkeling when they hear the word “swim”, especially in areas like Hawaii, the Caribbean, Thailand, or Brazil.

It is certainly difficult not to fall in love with the idea of swimming in crystal clear, light blue waters while enjoying a firsthand experience of the undersea world.

Snorkeling also manages to do something that entire organizations were not able, namely to put people in touch with the marine and oceanic environments, raising awareness and showing that there are many animals and natural wonders that are worth protecting.

On top of the great impact that snorkeling has as a tourist attraction and a method to raise environmental awareness, it’s also a very efficient way to keep fit.

Swimming is the best form of exercise there is, as it requires a large number of muscles be used at the same time, and snorkeling is one of the more enjoyable forms of swimming.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t many snorkeling sets reviews and the little information that there is tends to be biased towards certain companies and manufacturers. In other words, there is a lack of misinformation regarding the quality of equipment.

Snorkel Gear Set

If we’re to consider how big the trend has become, we can see that most people who go to areas filled with sunny beaches never miss an opportunity to go snorkeling. Ironically, the few who stay away from this activity are put off by the lack of information regarding equipment.

Questions like “What equipment do I need?”, “What are the price and quality ranges of equipment?” or “Is it better to buy individual equipment pieces or sets?” often go unanswered.

If you have  a more pressing query, refer to the table of contents below, otherwise stick with us as we take you through some of the best combos out there.

What do Snorkeling Sets Contain?

To better understand the last questions, it is first important to understand what snorkeling sets contain.

.The majority of snorkeling sets contain the same elements, namely:

  • Swimming mask
  • Snorkel
  • Swimming Fins
  • Travel Bag

This having been said, some sets may not include fins, however, all of them contain the mask, snorkel, and travel bag.

There are snorkeling sets for both adults as well as for children, and they are manufactured and sold by a multitude of companies. Also, different sets may contain different variations of these elements. For example, some contain full-face swimming masks that cover the wearer’s entire face, while others contain ones that only cover his or her eyes.

Also, full-face masks feature a different attachment system for the snorkel, which is positioned on top. Some masks also have attachment points for GoPro’s and other recording equipment.

The sets may also contain two types of fins. One open-heel model that is fixed to the foot through straps and a full-foot model that fits just like a shoe would, enveloping the entire foot.

Why is it better to buy snorkeling sets than individual equipment pieces?

This is an important question that has a clear answer; because it’s easier and cheaper to buy a set than to buy individual pieces.

When buying individual equipment pieces, there is no guarantee that they will all be as comfortable or that the will be made from quality materials. Snorkeling sets only contain items manufactured by the same company, which ensures that each of them will be made of the same materials and that they will last a long time. 

Consistent Use of Material Throughout Gear Pieces

An even more important implication of the importance of material used in their manufacturing is the fact that there are people who can be allergic to various things such as natural rubber or various forms of plastic. Buying a set is a great way to ensure that the materials used will be consistent throughout all of the items and that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when you’re out snorkeling.

While a broken seal may only mean that another mask or snorkel must be bought while on land if the strap of a fin breaks off while swimming in a reef it could create a potentially life-threatening situation and also harm the wild-life.

There is also the fact that buying a set is the easiest way for a beginner to get everything that he or she needs in order to go snorkeling. While there are exceptions, most sets contain masks, snorkels, and fins, which is everything needed to jump into the water and start exploring the ocean.

Sets are Cheaper than the Total Value of the Components

Lastly, there’s pricing. Most snorkeling sets cost considerably less than what you would have to pay if you were to buy the equipment pieces individually. Basically, these all-in-one packages are cheaper than if you were to make your own set from pieces, and they are a lot more reliable due to the fact that they have the same manufacturer and have been designed to work great together.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture and sell snorkeling sets and, as it always happens when there are a lot of products on the market, some are better than others. Proper snorkeling gear sets reviews will help you find the diamonds in the rough, and will also enable you to make informed decisions before spending money on equipment designed to protect you and enhance your experience.

This having been said, here are a few of the best snorkel sets that are commercially available. These have undergone extensive testing and are popular among beginners as well as more experienced snorkelers.

Best Snorkel Sets for Adults

1. ProDive Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set – The Affordable Snorkel Set That Can Last You a Lifetime

ProDive Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set

The set from ProDive is one of the better choices for adults, however, it only includes a partial mask and the snorkel. You will have to bring your own swimming fins. This having been said, there are some interesting technologies to be found in these two pieces of snorkeling equipment.


  • Tempered glass mask – The lenses of the mask are made from tempered glass
  • Breathe-easy dry snorkel – Prevents water from getting in


  • Silicone straps and face shield – The soft parts of the mask are made of silicon, making them great for those who have allergic reactions to rubber or latex
  • One-size-fits-all – The straps of the mask are large enough to fit anyone
  • Durable and safe – The tempered glass makes the mask impact and scratch resistant while the breath easy dry snorkel prevents it from getting filled with water


  • No fins included in the set

2. U.S. Divers Conzumel Snorkeling Set

A High-Quality Snorkeling Set That Will Enhance Your Experiences in the Reef

U.S. Divers Conzumel Snorkel Set

The U.S Diver Cozumel Snorkeling Set screams quality, many considering it to be the best snorkeling set for adults. The kit contains everything needed in order to go snorkeling right away: fins, a mask, the snorkel, and a durable travel bag. Every piece of equipment has great tech implemented to make the swimmer’s life easier.


  • Full-foot fins – The design of the fins allows them to perfectly attach to the swimmer’s feet lowering the chance that their muscles will cramp up
  • Vented fin blades – The fins have vents cut out so that less effort is needed in order to move through water
  • Splash guard – The splash guard system prevents water from getting into the snorkel
  • Easy-adjust buckles – The mask features the easy-adjust system meant to ensure a snugger fit over the face


  • Well designed fins – The vented fins make it easier to swim and can attach to the snorkeler’s feet
  • Hydro-adhesion tech – The snorkel comes with a splashguard system built using hydro-adhesion tech, making it very efficient at preventing water from getting into the tube


  • Fixed sizes – The company offers several sizes, however, this means that the set cannot be shared

Bonus Round - Best Snorkeling Set For Beginners

3. Cerresi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Snorkeling Gear Bag

All the Equipment That a Beginner Snorkeler Will Ever Need

Cerresi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel SetBeginners may not know how to choose sizes or where to start in terms of features. The set offered from Cressi simplifies the situation, offering the best equipment for those who have never tried snorkeling before. The equipment is one-size-fits-all, so it’s perfect for everyone looking for a cheap snorkeling set.


  • Dry Snorkel – The snorkel comes with an anti-splash valve that closes when it detects water
  • One-size-fits-all – The mask and fins can fit anyone regardless of build
  • Silicone straps – The flexible elements of the mask and the mouthpiece are made from silicone, ensuring that no allergic reactions can occur
  • Mesh carrying bag – The bag allows air to flow freely through the set pieces allowing them to dry more easily


  • Anti-splash snorkel – The snorkel seals itself when it detects water preventing cases where swimmers would try to inhale and choke on the water that enters the tube
  • Rapid action buckles – These allow the mask to be adjusted in only a few seconds
  • Silicone skirt edge – The edge of the mask is extremely flexible in order to create a perfect seal with the wearer’s face


  • Open-heel fins The open-heel design can be uncomfortable after wearing them for extended periods of time

Best Full Face Mask Snorkel Sets

4. Cozia Design Ocean View Snorkel Set

A Full-face Mask Snorkel Set that Gives You Great Peripheric Vision.

Cozia Design Full Face Mask Snorkel SetFor anyone looking for better viewing angles and better protection, there are full face mask snorkeling sets. These contain the same items with the exception of the fact that the mask covers the whole face acting more like a shield. This set from Cozia Design is a prime example of quality equipment with the snorkel implemented in the structure of the mask.


  • 180-degree viewing angle – The face mask offers a large degree of visibility
  • Dry snorkel top seal and drain valve – The snorkel itself attaches to the mask and contains systems that block the entry of water when splashed by the waves and facilitates the draining of liquid in case any accidentally gets in
  • One-size-fits-most – The mask and fins are adjustable and will fit most adults
  • Antifog Channel – The mask’s design prevents the wearer’s breath from fogging up the glass


  • Easy breathing – The design allows the wearer to breathe through either his nose or mouth
  • Reduced size of swimming fins – The fins’ small dimensions are great for those who don’t swim regularly due to the fact that they require less force in order to move through water


  • No beards – The design of the mask makes impossible or dangerous to use if you have a beard
  • Single size – Even though the equipment is one-size-fits-most, it won’t fit everyone

5.Snorkelstar 4-Piece Snorkel Set

A Complete Snorkeling Set For Enthusiastic Swimmers

Snorkel Star 4-piece Full Face Mask Snorkeling SetThe snorkeling set from Snorkelstar offers a lot when compared to other products. The set includes fins, a full face mask, a snorkel, a carrying dry bag, and an anti-fog spray. There are three sizes available: S(3-6), M(7-10), L(11-14), which are perfect for any type of build, both for men and women.


  • Full-face mask – The masks offers a panoramic view of everything that is in front of the swimmer
  • 1-way valve snorkel – The Snorkel’s design prevents the swimmer from breathing in water through the tube
  • Two channel mask – The wearer can breathe through both the nose and the mouth


  • Anti-fog spray – The anti-fog spray that the set comes with can be used on other masks
  • GoPro compatibility – The mask’s design allows the owner to attach a GoPro camera to it
  • Longer Snorkel – The larger length of the snorkel enables the swimmer to go deeper


  • No anti-fog systems – The mask does not have any built-in anti-fog systems and the included spray does not last for a long time

Best Snorkel Sets for Children

Snorkel equipment that has been designed for adults rarely fits children, regardless of size. Also, the models that come in one-size-fits-all are not safe to use on anything other than adults, and they are particularly dangerous for small children to wear. Luckily, there are snorkeling sets that are designed especially for children.

6. U.S. Divers Regal Laguna Snorkel Combo Set

A Set That Puts Comfort and Safety First

U.S. Divers Youth SetParents looking for the best snorkeling set for kids will be interested in this set from U.S. Divers. The set contains swimming fins, a mask, a snorkel, and a carrying bag. Size-wise, the equipment will fit most children, with the fins being able to extend in order to accommodate larger feet.


  • Light easy-dry bag – The travel bag that comes with the set is properly ventilated and helps dry the equipment while it is stored inside
  • No rubber – The straps and flexible elements of the mask are made of silicone in order to prevent allergic reactions from occurring
  • Dry-top snorkel – The snorkel features valves that block water from entering it even when it is submerged
  • Pivot-flex fins – The design of the fins allows the wearer to move through water without having to make much effort


  • Easily adjustable – The mask and fins are easy to adjust and will fit most children. Those who have smaller feet will be able to wear the fins without reaching the end of the foot pocket, and the ones that have bigger ones will be able to adjust the straps
  • Snorkel valves – The snorkel will prevent children from breathing in water if they ever go too deep


  • Open heel design – The open heel design of the heels is comfortable, however, it does mean that children may lose the fins if they don’t properly fix the straps
  • No anti-fog coating – The mask does not have any type of anti-fog coating

7. U.S. Divers Youth Flare Jr Silicone Snorkeling Set

A Hypoallergenic Set For Children of 6 and Over

U.S. Divers Regal Kid Pro Mask Laguna Snorkel Lava Fins SetA set designed for children of smaller ages, the U.S. Divers Youth Flare Jr Silicone Snorkeling Set comes with a snorkeling mask, a snorkel, fins, and a travel bag. All the wearable pieces are comfortable and can be easily adjusted by either the parents or the children. Also, the bag features mesh segments that allow the gear to dry while it is stored inside.


  • Adjustable gear – The silicone straps of the mask and fins are easy to adjust and will allow smaller children to wear the equipment
  • Junior face skirt – The mask comes equipped with a junior silicone face skirt that will fit smaller faces of children of 6 and over
  • Pivot-flex Technology – The fins are shorter than normal and more efficient, allowing children to move through water with less effort
  • Hypoallergenic silicone – All the silicone parts of the mask are designed to prevent allergic reactions from occurring
  • Quick release 3-way buckles – The buckles can be easily adjusted but the child or an adult


  • Face skirt – The mask will fit children of 6 and over with no problems
  • Comfortable straps – The straps of the fins and mask are extremely comfortable even after long periods of time
  • Easy to use fins – The design of the fins makes it easy for children to swim for extended periods of time without getting tired


  • No anti-fog system – The mask can easily fog up
  • Open heel design – Children can easily lose the fins if the straps are not correctly fixed

How to take care of your snorkeling set

Quality snorkeling sets aren’t particularly cheap, however, they can be a great investment if you take care of them. Properly maintained, they can last you for a very long time. This means that you can make a bigger investment and buy quality equipment, knowing that you will not need another one for quite some time. 

However, this is only possible if you take care of your snorkeling set. Like all equipment, it is made from several types of materials and some of these can degrade fast if not cared for. Here are some important steps that you should take every time you finish a snorkeling session:

  • If you’ve been in salt water, be sure to rinse the equipment in fresh water when you’re done with it. The salt can destroy plastic and rubber elements an shorten the equipment’s lifespan considerably.
  • Do not leave your set out in the sun, even if you keep it in the travel bag. UV rays from the sun can make plastic and rubber extremely brittle. Instead, put the set somewhere in the shade. It can be in your car, or on the beach, covered by something so that the sun cannot beat on it.

Also, if the snorkeling set comes with a full-face mask, the snorkel should be removed and cleaned individually, and also checked so that algae or other particles have not found their way inside it.

It is extremely important to avoid leaving the equipment in the sand, or in the sun, especially after swimming in salt water. The water drips that remain on the equipment act as focusing lenses for the rays of the sun, enhancing the damage that it can do to it. Even if the water is wiped off, the salt that remains may still degrade the materials.

When you get home, or when you’re ready to store the snorkeling set for a longer period of time, there are additional steps that you must take in order to ensure that the equipment will be safe to use the next time you need it:

  1. Take a container that will fit your equipment, fill it with water and add a small amount of detergent.
  2. Submerge all the equipment for a couple of seconds and then with another drop of detergent in your had start carefully cleaning the rubber elements of the mask and fins.
  3. Next, rinse all the pieces in fresh water and air dry them carefully.
  4. Clean the travel bag – if needed repeat the same process from above – and dry it thoroughly.
  5. Lastly, store your snorkeling set in its travel bag. Remember to put the bag somewhere dry where there isn’t too much heat.

This additional cleaning process is required before storing the snorkeling set due to the fact that bacteria can thrive on some materials, especially if everything is kept out of the sun. As a result, it is important to thoroughly clean all the pieces before storing them for long periods of time (anything longer than 3-4 days).

If the equipment is not properly maintained it can become brittle, and though it would not be dangerous if it broke when putting in on while on the beach, it can be life-threatening if it broke while in deep water.

General considerations

Snorkeling is not a particularly dangerous activity, however, it has its risks. These tend to grow as you move farther away from the shore. 

One of the most common situations that can become potentially life-threatening appears when the owner does not realize that his or her equipment is defective. While defective fins and masks do aren’t dangerous, snorkels that are either broken or on the breaking point can lead to complicated situations. 

This is why it is extremely important to inspect the equipment before using it and to test it in shallow water before moving to greater depths. Doing so will prevent situations where the mouthpiece gets clogged or is fissured and lets water into the snorkel. Although this isn’t life-threatening, it can be scary and cause the swimmer to swallow a few mouthfuls of water.
Another, more dangerous issue that everyone should be careful with is allergies to the materials that the equipment is made from. 

About 6% of the world’s population is allergic to natural rubber and latex. Reactions can range from simple rashes that itch and heal after a one or two days, to situations where an individual can no longer breath well and must be taken to the hospital.

These allergies occur when the skin comes in contact with a certain material that the body is allergic to. They can be locked to the region of contact or can affect the entire organism. In other words, someone who is allergic to a material used in the manufacturing of the fins can have a full-body reaction. 

These allergies are rarely life-threatening on land, however, they become extremely dangerous when swimming, where being able to breathe and to move easily is extremely important.

For this reason, it is vital that everyone who wants to go snorkeling knows what allergies he or she has. There are snorkeling sets made from a variety of materials, many of which are not allergic. For example, some manufacturers use silicone straps for snorkeling masks, instead of rubber ones.

Lastly, it is important to always make sure that the equipment in the snorkeling set fits. If the fins do not fit well the muscles on your legs will cramp up, if the mouthpiece isn’t comfortable it can hurt your lips and gums, and if the mask does not create a seal with your skin, it will fill with water. Also, beginners who want to go snorkeling in a reef should also wear a life jacket.

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